The tennis betting market is one of the largest betting markets for online bookmakers. It’s become an extremely lucrative outlay for many professional bettors looking to bet on a sport which is predominately played all year round. There are hordes of professional bettors who spend the majority of time betting on tennis matches from around the world looking to make profits from both male and female tennis matches.

The major betting activity takes place throughout the period of the four major tournaments held annually. The US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open and French Open are the pinnacle of the tennis calendar not only for players, but also that of bettors. With each tournament arises opportunities for bettors to get their teeth stuck into a host of markets including men’s singles, women singles, doubles and mixed doubles competitions. Some of the larger bookmakers even offer odds for the junior and senior events, depending on availability.

The array of markets for online tennis betting are some of the biggest online. Just the added attraction of both men’s and women’s independent sections of any competition allows for a mass of tennis betting opportunities.

Tennis betting sites

As the popularity of tennis betting continues to rise, as do the amount of bookmakers offering comprehensive markets on tournaments from around the world. In fact, pretty much all the top online bookmakers will have a host of tennis betting markets, some more so than others, with the differentiating factor being how in-depth they are.

Top Tennis Betting Sites

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It’s important to recognise what you want from your tennis betting experience. What we mean by this is which games you are wanting to target. This may be things such as men’s tennis, women’s tennis, coverage of the smaller tournaments, and greater depth in the larger tournaments. Once you have established which you need to suffice your betting needs, then selecting a bookmaker will become a lot simpler.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t be put off by using multiple bookmakers. We actually recommend that you should be looking across a host of markets to not only find the best odds, but also the best tennis betting bonuses and the sites which have the largest tennis betting coverage.

Which markets should I look out for?

Some of the leading tennis betting markets actually come from many online bookmakers live betting sections. This is basically where the odds fluctuate as the game takes place. The reason behind comes from the fact that you can gauge how each player is performing throughout that game.

Applying your tennis knowledge to these markets can become extremely lucrative but it’s important to react quickly to any major events in the match as odds will change frequently.

Take advantage of information such as fatigue and also momentum. These two variables are simply massive in tennis and recognising one or the other before a bookmaker can turn out to become extremely profitable.

Tennis betting tips

Unfortunately there’s no secret formula when it comes to tennis betting. It’s like most sports though; the more you put in the more you will get out. We have produced a series of tips that hopefully you can apply to your overall betting strategy to make your tennis betting experience a more profitable one.

Player form – This can be applied to most sports, but it’s always imperative you know what kind of form a player is coming into a match on. In the latter stages of tournaments you will know that they have obviously won to get to that point, but try looking a little deeper to see how they have performed in each. A good component to look out for would be that of how long each of their previous matches in that tournament has lasted. If they have all been 5 set thrillers, then fatigue will likely play a huge part in their current game.

Take advantage of increased availability – As we’ve mentioned, tennis betting is on the up and it’s for this reason that it becomes increasingly important to shop around not just for best odds, but also promotions and market availability.

Live betting – Again another market on the increase in tennis betting is that of live betting. It allows you to apply your knowledge you have of the sport to any match and therefore see which odds or markets offer the best value.