All You Bet Sportsbook Review

All You Bet is one of the newest sports betting programs currently available online. As a sister company of the more established All Slots Casino, All You Bet was founded in 2010 and see’s itself growing in exposure and customer base with each day.

Due to how young this sports betting site is compared to that of many of its main rivals, it will be interesting to see how it compares against its competitors. Obviously a smaller company such as All Slots Casino won’t have the initial capital compared to some, but what it does have on its side is the fact it can start from scratch taking aspects from a host of betting sites and amalgamating them into one. We will look at how successful they have been at achieving this goal and also the longevity of a new site such as All You Bet.

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All You Bet’s Bonuses

When registering anew account with All You Bet you will have the opportunity to take advantage of their free bet of £/$/€ 100 (with exchange rates as they are, we would highly recommend taking either euro or GBP bonus where possible). The bonus is 50% first deposit match so basically whatever you deposit up to the maximum will be matched by 50% in terms of a free bet.

We’ve already mention that All You Bet is basically a sports betting section from the more popular All Slots Casino, so you can expect this site to be plugged a lot on the sportsbook. Nevertheless you only need one account for each and take advantage of the casino’s £200 first deposit bonus. It’s worth checking terms and conditions for more information. At the minute the site does not offer poker.

The Features of AllYouBet

First impressions of the site are actually quite good. It’s clean, crisp and has a host of information for new customers – which is especially important on younger betting sites. The banner section at the top of the page offers some competitive markets which seem to be dominantly made up of soccer matches from around Europe. There seems little pattern to the games that they promote here with random games from up to two weeks in advance on display where it may be better having games from that specific day.
A refreshing twist on All You Bet is there sports betting ‘help’ section. This complies a bunch of articles – roughly a dozen or so – all offering information on different sports betting strategies, systems and information of which will be invaluable particularly to first time sports bettors. The information is informative, if not a little basic.

Included on the right hand side navigation bar is a ‘live now’ section with markets that are currently in running. Each market has an overview of that games score and the time that has elapsed. When clicking on one of the games you are taken to that in-play market which shows a graphic of the score and more markets to bet on. Unfortunately there is no information as to what’s gone on in the game regarding these markets, just simply a flash of the score, which is a little disappointing.

The live betting section as a whole is clearly something they have tried to work on and develop. In terms of games covered they really do offer some diverse games and sports, which is a plus for people looking for more niche leagues. A good range of sports can also be found in the live section.

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AllYou Bet Sports and Odds Coverage

With everything that All You Bet do, you have to keep in mind that they are still a very young sportsbook and simply aren’t going to compete with sites that have been in the industry for 10+ years. It’s for this reason that we are quite surprised and pleased at the same time with the amount of sports that are covered. With 20+ sports covered and a host of diverse ones at that, the site has done itself proud by offering such a comprehensive range so early in their formation. Your usual major sports are there such as football, tennis, rugby, golf, and cricket with a few slightly more obscure including volleyball, floorball, trotting and Aussie rules. One major exclusion that we noticed is that of Horse Racing. This is maybe because of the time and effort it takes to maintain such an active, popular and extensive betting market.

Market sizes are also good to back up their range of sports. Soccer alone must have around 100 leagues and tournaments from around the world all with betting markets for them. Understandably the least popular sports have fewer markets, but nonetheless a really solid effort from All You Bet in terms of market size.

AllYouBet’s Account & Support

There are a wide range of both deposit and withdrawal options including Visa, MasterCard, InstaDebit, Use My Funds, UKash, Skrill, Click to Pay and Click & Buy. Unfortunately there is no Neteller or PayPal options which could prove to be a problem for some as these are two of the largest e-wallets (country of residence depending). It’s also worth noting that the minimum deposit on All You Bet is 20 units of whichever currency you decide to use.

Their support section is actually very extensive with live chat feature, 24/7 phone support with dedicated numbers depending on which country you are calling from – many toll free- and email addresses all available 24/7.

BETGBP All You Bet Verdict

We had to make sure we didn’t expect too much from All You Bet seen as though they had only been in business for a year or two, but to our surprise we found that the site was just as established as any. Granted it won’t compete with some the bigger online bookmakers, but for a first attempt it really is an excellent effort.

We loved the act that it gave you static content on betting problems and solutions which is ideal for many people just applying their betting trade. Also the design and layout was particularly user friendly to compliment the large new account bonus.

It’s by no means the finished article yet however, but with a few tweaks and investment into their expansion of All You Bet then it might not be long until they are challenging some of the top sports betting brands in the market.

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